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Barrel Carving  Peter Forbes is a talented British Columbia artist continuously experimenting with new techniques and media. Formally educated in art and design, Peter first picked up carving tools and experimented in wood and other three dimensional works, while sailing the high seas for more inspiration. Since then, Peter has gravitated to the specialty signage industry, crafting a legacy of work that decorates many local businesses, and those in Europe, Australia, Japan, the Middle East and the United States. Peter has now been inspired to establish himself with a unique style of artwork on recycled oak barrels. The designs range from simple to very complex and become family heirlooms as well as wonderful adornments, advertising tools or basic signage. (BC)

Canadian Woodworks  Canadian Rocking Chairs: heirloom quality, custom rocking chairs available in a variety of sizes and figured hardwoods. Hand made one at a time in Canada, guaranteed for life, designed for comfort. (ON)

Cariboo Blades  Handmade and handforged woodworking tools and unique working knives. Our products include handmade: bush, camp, and hunting knives and ulus, kitchen knives, woodcarving hooks, crooked or bent knives, hand-forged draw knives, fine sculpting adzes, woodworking slicks and skews, timber framing chisels, heavy duty bench chisels, and farriers' knives. We also design and make many functional and artistic wooden items, including spoons and bowls, as well as wearable and decorative art, drawings, prints, paintings and greeting cards. (BC)

C.F. Casey Guitars  Custom-designed stringed instruments made with old-fashioned care and attention. Luthier Fred Casey works closely with each customer, ensuring that the finished product reflects the aesthetic and playing style of its owner. From the body size, neck length and choice of materials to the rosette, position markers and inlay design, each C. F. Casey Guitar is created with you in mind. Such care and attention to every detail is a time-consuming process, but Fred's refusal to cut corners is exactly what makes a C. F. Casey stringed instrument well worth the wait! And of course, all our instruments are fully warranted. (MB)

DWF Gallery of Fine Woodworking  Hardwood jewelry boxes and artwork. All jewelry boxes are laminated and inlayed, and prices may vary depending on time and materials used. Custom orders are always welcome. (BC)

Michael Finkelstein, Eco-Woodturner  I handcraft each bowl or platter to show the predominate figure; crotch, burls, birds-eye, quilt, spalting, bark-inclusions, etc. Maple, Apple, Cherry, Walnut, Birch, Beech, Box Elder, Locust, Mulberry, Filbert, Orange Osage, Russian Olive, and Black Ash are some of the hardwoods used. I handcraft all my creations using logs which I personally get from environmentally recycled trees in Ontario, Canada. All of my creations are functional and food-safe finished. (ON)

Foxtail Woodcrafts  Hardwood door harps, five sizes available, retail and wholesale orders. A door harp hangs on the inside of your entrance door, and welcomes friends and family into your home with a soft melody. Our door harps are created from various domestic and exotic hardwoods. Come browse our selection - it's the best online. (AB)

Gaudreau Fine Woodworking Artisans  Gaudreau Fine Woodworking Artisans are the makers of unique designer woodenware. Our studio's award winning artisans, Diane and Jacques Gaudreau, pay special attention to the fine details and finishing of a complete line of hardwood household and office accessories. Black walnut, bird's eye maple, red oak and cherry of the finest quality are carefully selected to blend and contrast with contemporary or traditional environments. Also featured in our gallery is the work of twenty Maritime potters. (PE)

Imagine Wood  Our Hand crafted rock maple utensils add that special touch to any kitchen. Whether it's a hostess gift, or a treat for the chef in your home, our utensils will become some of the most used pieces in your kitchen. Each one is unique and hand-made, and exhibits the natural beauty found in Rock Maple. All of our kitchen utensils are made of Rock Maple from Ontario trees. The wood is extremely hard, is unstainable, and has antibacterial properties. Our goal was to create new wooden tools that really work for you... like a curved spatula for round frying pans and one-handed salad tongs. The result is a line of Rock Maple kitchen utensils that are ambidextrous, beautiful, long lasting and most of all, useful. (ON)

Inklings in Wood  Woodturner Ben McLellan creates unique salad bowls, artistic cremation urns, and vases. A variety of wood is used, such as maple, birch, ash, beech, oak, elm and locust, and fruitwoods such as cherry, plum, apple and pear. All woods are found in Nova Scotia. There are no toxic chemicals, stains, or paints used on any of the products. Two coats of tung oil are applied to each piece. A hand-rubbed finish and the signature of the artist completes the process. (NS)

Kapristo Mountain Woodcraft  Producing distinctive rustic furniture and home accents. We specialize in custom rustic furniture including birch bark cabinetry, birch bark and twig mosaics in the Adirondack style, and rustic furniture workshops. (ON)

Lily Pad Creations  Makers of collector's quality hand-turned pens and luxury gifts, an excellent selection of unique crafts that make wonderful corporate gifts, groomsmen and bridal gifts, anniversaries, graduations, birthdays...something special for those "hard to buy for" people and occasions! Don't forget to treat yourself to something nice. (PE)

Naturally Wood  We specialize in the creation of the highest quality handmade wooden products, with an emphasis on the inclusion of wood indigenous to British Columbia. We offer a selection of keepsake and jewelry boxes, mirrors, picture frames, coasters, trays, business card holders and in boxes, small cabinets, ash boxes, and more. (BC)

Reflections in Wood  Offering finely crafted wooden display models of trucks, from dump trucks and logging trucks, to highway trucks and vintage trucks. Also featuring models of trailers and equipment for logging, construction, mining and oilfields. In addition, we make models of aircraft and ships, historical models, and scale models of buildings and bridges for model railroads. (BC)

Herb Salter - Fine Wood Turnings  This is functional art, bowls work like bowls and serving trays are built to be used and enjoyed. The finish is designed to preserve the wood while bringing out the natural grains and textures to be admired and enjoyed. Wood pieces last almost indefinitely and, while functional, they are beautiful to look at and display. Every piece of wood used is obtained from naturally damaged trees, from various piles of firewood and from suppliers of lumber who obtain their material from loggers and manufacturers who use ecologically sustainable forestry practices. (ON)

Kathy & Jim Sawada Wood Art  We offer a selection of original woodwork, from finely crafted boxes of unusual and exotic woods, and unique free-form sculptured boxes, to an array of fun-spirited items to brighten your decor. Whatever the occasion, one of our exquisite creations makes a gift as unique and treasured as that special someone....or maybe you just feel like treating yourself. Custom requests welcome. (ON)

Sawdust & Glass  We have been creating unique stained glass, fused glass and wood pieces as a home business since 1998. Our website is setup as a catalogue of our products to allow you to appreciate the different types of items available. (ON)

Seafoam Woodturning Studio  Whether you are looking for a one-of-a-kind work of art, or an inexpensive gift, you can be sure of finding quality products and personal sales service at Seafoam Woodturning Studio. If you are planning a wedding or similar event, our personalized bottle stoppers make great favors for weddings and many other parties. Keen cooks will find a spurtle very useful in their kitchen, and every gardener should have a dibber. Anyone who can make a bottle of wine last more than one day will appreciate a bottle stopper. And a bits'n'bobs bowl is not only beautiful, but is a gift that everyone will appreciate. (NS)

Smiling Frog Wood Studio  Smiling Frog is pleased to offer you wood gifts: from jewellery and memory boxes, to tea boxes, solid wood bookmarks and rocketship boxes and magic wands, we hope you find the gift for that special someone. If you are out to spoil yourself, even better. All items sold at Smiling Frog have a lifetime quality to them and I stand behind all my works with a lifetime guarantee. Created in the small village of Mount Albert, Ontario, all unique works have been handcrafted out of hardwoods, with emphasis on local hardwoods. (ON)

Snow Cottage Carvings  Unique hand-carved wooden gifts and keepsakes, including Santas, Tall Hat Santas, Father Christmas's, NorthWoods Lodge Santas, Santa and polar bear combinations, ornaments, and more. Customized carvings also available. (BC)

Spirit Works  Spirit Works is a 100% Aboriginal owned and operated British Columbia millwork firm focused on providing high-end custom woodwork, with each piece having its own unique West Coast First Nation's theme. What separates Spirit Works from other millwork outfits is our focus on the incorporation and fusion of British Columbian Aboriginal art into functional items such as doors, wall panels, boardroom tables, and much more. To do this Spirit Works collaborates with well known and up and coming artists, the end result of these unions being beautiful one-of-a-kind pieces. (BC)

Whittled Santas  Hand carved Santa carvings from Whittled Santas. Each carving is one-of-a-kind and completely hand carved. Collectors love our hand carved Santas. They describe these carved Santas as 'elegant' , 'classy', 'beautifully carved and painted' and 'exquisite'. The detail and care given to the creation of these Santa carvings contrasted with the simplicity of the materials used makes each one of these hand carved Santas a true collectible of heirloom quality. (NS)