Truly Canadian Made
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Graphic Design, Stationery
Knitting, Spinning, Hooking
Needle Arts, Textiles, Leather
Paintings, Mixed Media
Photo Imaging
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Sculpture, Carving
Toys, Dolls, Games
Gourmet Food and Drink
Cooperatives, Galleries

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In response to the many, many expressions of thanks we have received for hand-building and web-publishing Truly Canadian Made, we can say 'You are most welcome. We hope you enjoy the site and find it useful.'

We have a Truly Canadian Made account at Instragram, which follows our members who have business Instagram accounts. To see what our members are creating, as they post their creations to Instagram, click to find our TCM account. If you "follow" our TCM Instagram account, you can look at the list of individual Instagram members we follow. Click on whichever ones you choose and start a visual journey of the arts in Canada. Our Instagram name is trulycanadianmadedotcom. Enjoy!

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Truly Canadian Made

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Come find the webshops of artists and artisans, galleries and cooperatives from across Canada displaying handmade art: from glowing glasswork, to finely worked gold, silver, and gemstone jewellery. Decorate your world with unique pottery, paintings, drawings, photos, graphic art, woodcraft, sculpture, and metal art. Relax with colorful textiles, quilts and knits, luxurious soap and candles, and gourmet food and drink. Worldclass Art - Truly Canadian Made

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Come find the webshops of artists and artisans, galleries and cooperatives from across Canada displaying handmade art.

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