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Canadian Select Smoked Salmon Products  A world-class delicacy from the west coast of Canada. Fresh from the clean, cold waters of this wild and rugged coast, wild salmon are smoked in a tradition that dates back to the First Nations. The fresh flavour and character of the salmon is preserved in our lightweight, airtight packaging - it has a great shelf life and is easy to transport. A wide assortment of attractive gift packaging options make this a unique BC souvenir or corporate gift. (BC)

Estevan BC Tuna  We are a family based fishing business specializing in British Columbia wild albacore tuna. We catch our tuna in the pristine deep waters of the North Pacific Ocean off the coasts of British Columbia, Washington and Oregon. We harvest and sell premium-quality, chilled, and flash frozen-at-sea Albacore tuna that has been filleted and vacuum-packed in a HAACP-approved plant. Among the products we offer is our own premium quality, troll-caught gourmet canned tuna. (BC)

Medallion Smoked Salmon  Kim Dormaar, one of the most admired salmon smokers in the Maritime Provinces, "elevates the curing and smoking process of salmon to a true art form". Treat yourself or your loved ones to any of our artisanal products: smoked salmon, smoked trout, smoked eel, gift box, and party pack. Looking for that special Christmas "idea", or a unique corporate gift idea? Check our exclusive selection of packaged smoked products, or ask us for more details. (PE)

St. Jean's BC Cannery & Smokehouse  St. Jean's Cannery provides premium quality gourmet food products: from B.C. smoked salmon and smoked tuna to canned wild salmon, tuna, and smoked oysters, from clam chowder to soups. Enjoy our gift baskets, wooden boxes and gift packs, and the convenience of our pates, foil-pouched salmon and tuna, sweet mustard and antipasto and delightful canned chanterelle mushrooms. (BC)