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Black River Cheese Company  The historic Black River Cheese Company is located in picturesque Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada. It was started in 1901 by local farmers and is still a small co-operative dedicated to preserving a tradition of making superior cheese. Black River Cheese Company's award-winning cheese continues to gain loyal customers including Natural Health Food stores and specialty sections of supermarkets. We have a fine selection of rennet-free, naturally aged cheddar, mozzarella, colby, brick, fresh curd, flavoured and specialty cheeses. At our factory outlet there are gift cheese boxes and baskets available year round, cheese trays for entertaining and a variety of gifts and souvenirs. (ON)

Bothwell Cheese  Tucked away in the heart of Manitoba's dairy belt, Bothwell Cheese has produced quality cheese since 1936. Today you can still taste the difference in cheese made with fresh, locally-produced milk. Bothwell Cheese makes award-winning cheeses ranging from traditional cheeses like Gouda and Cheddar to specialty creations like Madagascar Green Peppercorn and Smoked Jalapeno Jack. (MB)

The Canadian Honey Ham Company  Only the 'Finest Quality Hams' are selected, cured, then carefully trimmed to become a Canadian Honey Ham! They are then slow baked in hickory-smoke-filled ovens for up to 30 hours, with constant temperature control, to assure perfect baking throughout. This process is done to ensure that your Canadian Honey Ham will be the tenderest, tastiest ham you have ever tasted! Spiral sliced, with our secret honey spice glaze - the secret is ours...but the treat is definitely yours! (ON)

That Dutchman's Farm  Producers of fine farmstead cheeses, among them farmstead Gouda, and Dragon's Breath Blue Cheese, the little brother to the great Stilton, Roqueforts, and Gorgonzolas. Cheese may be ordered in a variety of flavors, from plain to garlic, cloves, cumin, and others; and in mild, medium, or old. (NS)

Gort's Gouda Cheese Farm  Our cheeses contain only natural ingredients, no preservatives are added, and they are all manufactured at our Salmon Arm cheeseplant. We are now certified organic! If you're looking for some good old-fashioned plain Gouda, there are three choices. All of them are creamy, well textured, and range from a mild Gouda flavor to the distinct, hearty taste of our award-winning Aged. We also make extra-aged Gouda, light Gouda, spiced Gouda, and smoked Gouda, Maasdammer (leeerdammer), goat cheese, feta cheese, and other fresh products. Can't make up your mind? Choose our sample package. (BC)

Natural Pastures Cheese Company  Award-winning producers of specialty cheeses. Taste Natural Pastures luscious artisan cheeses, all hand-made under the guidance of our Swiss Master Cheesemaker. We only use milk pure and fresh from our Heritage Dairy Farms, on Vancouver Island. You're invited to savour the delicious 'terroir' from these rare, privileged, coastal valley environments. (BC)

Pine River Cheese & Butter Co-op  From humble beginnings in 1885, the cheesemakers of Pine River Cheese & Butter
Co-operative have built a reputation for their unique brand of high quality aged Cheddar. Pine River Cheese offers mild, medium, old, and premium cheddar, and a variety of other products from mozzarella to havarti or marble, from flavoured or smoked cheese to dessert cheese. We also have cheese curd, shredded cheese, spreddars, and gift boxes. (ON)

The Original Longview Beef Jerky au Boeuf  The Original Longview Beef Jerky, a value-added tradition since 1980 that has international appeal. Marinated, cooked beef steak with the Protein Power you expect from quality Canadian beef. (AB)

River's Edge Goat Dairy  At River's Edge we create our cheeses right on the farm. If our family doesn't like them, we don't make them! We offer creamy chèvre; plain, with garlic flowers or with dill, and a Mediterranian style feta. Limited shipping area. (ON)

Sylvan Star Cheese  Award winning cheese, made in Alberta, with milk from our own cows. No additives, thermalized and lactose free! Our Goudas come in six aging stages ranging from the youngest, Mild, aged one to three months to the oldest, Grizzly Sharp, aged 12 to 15 months. They are available in a variety of spiced flavours, smoked, or plain. Sylvan Star Cheese has won numerous Canadian awards as #1 Gouda and Extra Aged Gouda. The Extra Aged Gouda, also known as 'Grizzly' because of its bite and power, is ranked #4 in the world! We also offer beautiful Gruyere and Edam cheeses. (AB)

Thunder Oak Cheese Farm  We are the only farm in Ontario that produces Gouda cheese. This creamy Dutch cheese has long been a favourite of cheese lovers around the world. And the Schep Family has been making it in Thunder Bay since 1995. Our award winning Thunder Oak Gouda is a natural product made with fresh milk from the Schep's own Holstein cows. Our chees has no preservatives or added colouring! Our farm store offers Gouda in any quantity - large or small - and in eight different flavours. We have a well stocked gift store, and our gift baskets are very popular; you can be sure one of our gift baskets will brighten up somebody's day. (ON)

Topsy Farms  Topsy Farms offers meat and wool products from our eco-consciously raised flock of 1000 pastured ewes. We welcome visitors to events in spring and summer to watch shearing and to help nurture bottle-fed lambs. Our lamb is sold seasonally from early November through March; yearling is sold in summer only; mutton is sold occasionally through the year. Click to see our package options and general information. We sell whole, half or best cuts of half to almost 400 private customers. We deliver once a year to Ottawa and Toronto, occasionally to Guelph. Otherwise, customers pick up from our butcher in Kingston. (Amherst Island,ON)